Avalon - trustworthy/reliable Finnish kayak

Avalon kayaks are designed and manufactured in Finland. Sitting in our kayak,
you can really feel the thousands of hours spent on designing our models.
Several experienced touring-paddlers all aroud the world have chosen Avalon, and
will recommend it to the others too

Avalon kayaks are laminated by Charger Composites Oy at Kokkola, Finland. The
final equipping of the kayak and delivery for the retail-sellers is done at
Parainen by Myötätuuli Oy. Avalon kayaks have a two-year quarantee/warrant.

Avalon kayaks

Avalon Sani - Myötätuuli Oy - Avalon hyvän tuulen kajakki - mökki- ja päiväretkeilykajakki- kayak
Avalon Sani

Photo: Kyösti Romppanen

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We import Zastera, KG and Ainsworth paddles.

Famos Zastera paddles in Carbon, kevlar-carbon and in glassfiber

Myötätuuli Oy
Jupiterinkatu 1, 21600 Parainen
puh. 0400 820 778