Operating at Parainen, Finland, Myötätuuli Oy (Tailwind ltd.) is an enterprise specialiced in planning and sesigning functional sea-kayaks. The Avalon kayaks, designed by Hannu Svegin, are an outcome of thousands of hours of work and testing.

The first Avalon-model saw daylight already year 1989, and has since set a standard for sea-kayak design for other manufactures as well.

Today Myötätuuli Oy sells and rents out not only kayaks, but other paddling equipment as well.

Test-winner: Avalon Elaine: Retki-Magazine (4/2005): Test-winner in sea-kayaks`class!
"Avalon Elaine moves steadily in all conditions. Especially in tail-wind wawes
and in surf its characteristics feel excellent."

Test-winner: Avalon Melanie: Retki-Magazine (4/2010): Test-winner in sea-kayaks`class!
Avalon Melanie moves steadily in all conditions.

Avalon Sani

Avalon Elaine - Testwinner 2005

Avalon Aniara

Avalon Melanie - Testwinner 2010

Avalon Viviane. We can only sell Viviane in Finland

Avalon Avec